There's More To Affordable Housing Than You May Think.

Housing Virginia is a broad based, statewide partnership of public and private organizations and committed individuals. We believe that all Virginians should have access to high quality, affordable housing in suitable locations. Housing Virginia: 

  • Promotes a positive image of affordable housing.
  • Demonstrates the need for affordable housing throughout Virginia.
  • Supports the work of local and regional housing networks to educate, communicate and advocate for affordable housing.
  • Influences public policy and planning to enhance the supply and quality of affordable housing.
  • Encourages the development of a supportive administrative, regulatory and financial environment.
  • Convenes key stakeholders to advance forward-looking housing policy development and facilitate dialogue on affordable housing trends.


Housing Virginia exists to address the large scale housing issues that we face by:

  • Informing discussions at the community and policy levels with current, reliable data and information about housing affordability,
  • Connecting the dots about the consequences of having unmet housing needs by showing how they affect other critical issues like transportation, schools and health, and
  • Unlocking housing opportunities by creating an unparalleled pipeline of housing news and information through its website, blog, newsletter, webinars and training opportunities.


Connecting housing needs to other issues like health is an important way to show policymakers, their constituents, and nonprofit and business leaders the far reaching effects of unmet housing needs, and how cross-sector partnerships can address complex problems.


Virginians have a chance to incorporate some creative strategies when building communities that offer affordable options for everyone. Take a look at our new guidebook to see how your community can benefit from inclusionary housing policies.

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