The Northern Virginia Affordable Housing Alliance

The Northern Virginia Affordable Housing Alliance is a broad-based regional coalition of affordable housing developers, financial institutions, community-based organizations, housing advocates and faith communities that promotes the benefits of affordable housing through public outreach and advocacy.  As a part of that mission, the Alliance produces 1-2 research papers a year, focusing on a housing issue that is specific to Northern Virginia.

The potential loss of thousands of units of ‘market affordable’ housing is the subject of the current study which looks at the impact on a significant amount of older multifamily housing stock due to the adoption of transportation enhancements and increased density on three major transit corridors in Arlington, Fairfax County and the City of Alexandria.

The study will examine the characteristics of the properties, conditions that put these properties at risk, what strategies might be adopted by local governments to encourage property owners to preserve these units as affordable, and the benefits of regional planning to avoid unintended consequences brought on by a lack of coordinated efforts among neighboring jurisdictions. This report will be published in spring, 2011.

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