Charlottesville Region Studies Homesharing/Accessory Dwelling Units

The affordable housing industry often relies on innovative methods to provide diverse and quality housing to those who need it – one such method is “homesharing”.


Homesharing is defined as two or more unrelated people sharing a home, where each resident has his or her own private bedroom, but shares common areas of the home. An Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) is an independent dwelling unit located within the home, or on the property. For both, a financial and/or service exchange can be arranged to compensate for rent expenses.


In partnership with Housing Virginia, the Thomas Jefferson Planning District Commission (TJPDC) has completed a concise guide on Homesharing and Accessory Dwelling Units for local governments. The initial focus of the study was on the City of Charlottesville and the urban ring in Albemarle County. The feasibility study indicates a need and support for initiating a program in the region.


The program is being proposed to focus on the screening and matching process, with needed wrap-around services provided by other agencies and organizations in the community. The final report is available here in pdf format.
Benefits of homesharing for individuals include a reduction of housing expenses, companionship, independence and security. For the community, homesharing can provide cost efficient affordable housing, community stabilization, and prevention of premature institutionalization.


This project was partially funded through Housing Virginia’s Housing Partner Support Grant Program.  For more information, contact Billie Campbell at TJPDC at or 434-979-7310 x230.