Coming Soon: Policy Strategy Guide Around Housing and Schools

Since 2014, Housing Virginia has been the leader in the conversation surrounding the connection between housing and schools in Virginia. As a new phase of our policy research and work around this topic begins, we will soon release a strategy guide for localities that want to start a dialogue about the connection between housing and school policies in their own community.


The guidebook, titled “Community Conversations: Aligning Local Housing and School Policy for Successful Schools in Strong Neighborhoods” takes a step by step approach to community engagement for the purpose of shaping a coordinated approach to housing and school policies.


The book breaks down the process into four phases, each of which has a series of steps. The Guide can become a valuable tool for community leaders, local governments, housing advocates and school advocates to use in order to build consensus for policy change that will benefit both their schools and their neighborhoods.


Learn more about our housing and schools initiatives here.