Housing Virginia at the 2014 Governor’s Housing Conference

This year, Housing Virginia made itself widely known throughout the Governor’s Housing Conference with not only an exhibition table and the annual partners’ reception, but also with four unique sessions and a new award for the Housing Awards Luncheon.


In case you missed us, here’s a breakdown of Housing Virginia’s sessions at the 2014 GHC with materials included!


Session: Energy Efficiency in Affordable Rental Housing

Speakers: Bob Adams (Housing Virginia), Andrew McCoy, Ph.D. (Virginia Tech Center for Housing Research), Phillip Agee (EarthCraft Virginia)


Housing professionals in all fields attended this concurrent session, which showcased the preliminary results of a collaborative study testing the actual energy efficiency of LIHTC units produced in Virginia over a five-year period. Representatives from each organization involved in the study presented data showing actual energy consumption in the units, actual savings from the energy-efficient measures implemented, and projected savings as a result of the new fixtures.


The results showed that the energy efficiency measures actually passed savings on to the resident – which supports the argument for continued use of energy-efficient measures in LIHTC properties.


The full results of the study, which will have national implications, will be released in 2015.


Session: Visualizing Data to Tell Your Story

Speaker: Rachel Bates (Housing Virginia/HDAdvisors)


Approximately 40 attendees filled the room to learn about the value of presenting data in a visual manner. In a world of rapidly evolving messaging platforms, imaging and visuals have become increasingly important in creating lasting impact for one’s organization.


The importance of selecting key data pieces that can be effectively presented visually is the key to telling your story. Reports, fact sheets, and maps that have been produced with other organizations, including Housing Virginia, were presented as examples of how to tell a visual story through data.


Session: Telling the Story: Housing Virginia StoryWorks

Speakers: Becky Clay-Christensen (Housing Virginia/The Clay Christensen Group), Alise Newman (Housing Virginia)


Last year during the 2013 Virginia Governor’s Housing Conference, Housing Virginia began a video project titled Housing StoryWorks. Work on this project continued throughout the year to document housing efforts and needs in Virginia through real human stories.


About 50 housers attended the session to view a sample of the 32 interview clips and see a few different ways one might use them in advocacy or influencing opinions on housing issues. The group was able to brainstorm new venues to use the clips, as well as share ideas about how to expand the project even further.


Housing Virginia will be offering new topical compilations of the individual clips, which are all available to view here, in 2015. Stay tuned for more updates about this project!


Session: Overcoming NIMBY and Building Support for Your Tax Credit Project

Speakers: Bob Adams (Housing Virginia), Allison Bogdanovic (Virginia Supportive Housing), Vaughn Poller (James City County)

Moderator: Willie Fobbs (Virginia DHCD)

Since the origins of affordable housing programs, developers have encountered community opposition. Today, that opposition frequently arises when a Low Income Housing Tax Credit project is proposed.

Community concerns can be based on legitimate issues such as traffic, infrastructure capacity, design compatibility, and other fact-based questions. Opposition can also flow from fear of the unknown and misperceptions about impacts. This session identified those misunderstandings, provided tools for community education and a template for building a support campaign in your community from three unique perspectives: the opposition, the housing provider, and the local housing authority.


This session served as an introduction to Housing Virginia’s “Overcoming NIMBYism in Affordable Housing Development” training, which will be held on December 9th at the VHDA Housing Center in Glen Allen, Virginia. Click here for registration – spaces are limited!