Housing Virginia Microblog #19: Cruel Musical Chairs (148 words)

There are no winners when searching for housing is a game of cruel musical chairs.

When there aren’t enough homes for everyone that wants to live in an attractive and prosperous city, some families get shut out. This leads to an unfortunate game of cruel musical chairs, where neighbors are forced to compete against each other for a home to call their own. You can see how this game works in a new animation from the Sightline Institute.

Instead of helping homebuyers and prospective renters increase their chances of “winning” the game, we need to end the game for good. The answer is to build more homes to create a wide range of options within everyone’s budget. That includes apartments, condos, single family houses, granny flats, and anything else that meets your community’s demand.

Do you need help ending the game of cruel musical chairs in your neighborhood? If so, contact Housing Virginia to learn about opportunities to build the support you need.


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