Microblog #37: Another take on IZ

Last Week’s Inclusionary Zoning Blog Generated Some Good Debate. Here Are a Few of Your Comments.

Last week’s topic (“Inclusionary woes“) sparked a series of smart emails regarding the projected success of Portland, Oregon’s new inclusionary zoning program. Below are some comments from Kurt Creager of Urbanist Housing Solutions LLC.

Regarding the influx of permit applications to “avoid” inclusionary requirements before policy start date:

“Increased costs (interest, labor and materials) at 1% per month as well as softening in the luxury market all are contributing to the slowdownSo like any policy, there is a period of market adjustment . . . Mayor Wheeler is proposing a sweetener to the vested pipeline of an additional $3 million in property tax abatement to incentivize developers to convert to voluntary inclusionary housing in exchange for 10 years of affordability.”

Regarding possible developer opposition to the new requirements:

“The policy occurs within the framework of Oregon Land Use Law and any changes are appealable to the Land Use Board of Appeals. It’s worth mentioning that the original policy was not appealed which I attribute to the robust incentives which show that developer costs were being offset sufficiently.”

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