Microblog #60: How do we build resilient communities?

Creating Affordable, Equitable Neighborhoods Is Hard Enough. How Do We Also Make Them Resilient?


@nartus on Twitter

“At Hampton PDC talking about flooding and housing resilience with builders, non profit and for profit developers, government officials, and climate specialists. @NorfolkVA talking about coastal, economic, and neighborhood resilience…. ”

– What is a resilient neighborhood?

– Why do we need resiliency?

– How can we incorporate equity and affordability into resiliency planning?

Those were just a few of the questions Housing Virginia staff and board members explored with a group of planners, builders, and other experts earlier this week in Hampton Roads. As our coastal communities begin to plan for resiliency—that is, ensuring that we can successfully withstand stresses and threats—we should not lose sight of the expanding need for affordable homes.

Attendees discussed land availability and suitability, impact of regulations, innovative local strategies, costs of action versus inaction, and many other issues. While there’s no magic recipe for moving forward, everyone strongly agreed that planning for resiliency is not just an problem for coastal communities. Floods, disasters, and economic downturns are threats for anywhere in Virginia. Collaboration and cooperation are therefore key for successful, resilient neighborhoods to thrive.


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