Overcoming NIMBY

Overcoming NIMBYism: New Tools for Positive Community Engagement

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NIMBY-PosterHousing Virginia has launched a comprehensive training series that aims to assist affordable housing providers, local government, and advocates with their efforts in overcoming opposition to their projects and policies. Nimbyism (Not in My Backyard) is a frequently encountered negative reaction to change by community residents and businesses. In the case of affordable housing it is often caused by misperception, fear and mistrust. The tools for overcoming NIMBYism include transparent communication, dispelling myths with facts, and finding community supporters who understand the benefits that quality housing can bring to their neighborhood.

What to expect from the training:

  • Stakeholder identification & analysis
  • Using data: where to find it and how to present it
  • Incorporating compelling materials for success
  • Incorporating the right media outreach
  • Developing an action plan
  • Communication strategies
  • Ensuring transparency through good neighbor relations
  • Interactive mapping exercise
  • Take-home workbook to implement new skills



If you are interested in an Overcoming NIMBY session in your locality, please contact us at admin@housingvirginia.org.