Our Mission

Housing Virginia is a broad-based, statewide partnership of public and private organizations and committed individuals. We believe that all Virginians should have access to high quality, affordable housing in suitable locations. Housing Virginia: 

  • Promotes a positive image of affordable housing.
  • Demonstrates the need for affordable housing throughout Virginia.
  • Supports the work of local and regional housing networks to educate, communicate and advocate for affordable housing.
  • Influences public policy and planning to enhance the supply and quality of affordable housing.
  • Encourages the development of a supportive administrative, regulatory and financial environment.
  • Convenes key stakeholders to advance forward-looking housing policy development and facilitate dialogue on affordable housing trends.


Housing Virginia exists to address the large scale housing issues that we face by:

  • Informing discussions at the community and policy levels with current, reliable data and information about housing affordability,
  • Connecting the dots about the consequences of having unmet housing needs by showing how they affect other critical issues like transportation, schools, and health, and
  • Unlocking housing opportunities by creating an unparalleled pipeline of housing news and information through its website, blog, newsletter, webinars, and training opportunities.

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