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New: View our full research report on housing and health in the Williamsburg region.

Housing Virginia has begun working with key partners to collect, assimilate and distribute information from relevant statewide and regional resources that inform stakeholders about their most significant community health and housing needs.

A growing body of research is making the connection between health outcomes and environmental factors like housing and neighborhoods, opening up opportunities for the housing and health sectors to work together to improve outcomes for individuals and families.

In a recent study by Virginia Commonwealth University’s Center on Society and Health LE-Map-Richmondand the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, the impact of housing and neighborhood conditions on health is brought into focus. As depicted in the map (right), the study reveals concentrated pockets of wealth and poverty and gives us a clear picture of the stark health disparities between these communities.

Because the affordable housing sector serves some of the most vulnerable individuals and families in our communities, it can also be used as an effective platform to address one of the key social determinants of health: where and how people live. A lack of affordable housing often leads to low income residents paying too much for housing, leaving less monthly income for health related necessities like medicine. Living in less expensive, substandard housing can also adversely affect health, resulting in conditions like asthma that is triggered by poor air quality, often brought on by mold, excessive dust and pest infestations.

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