MAPBOOK utilizes web-based mapping and data visualization platforms to illustrate the geography of affordable housing issues in Virginia, to connect housing with other critical policy areas, and to translate complex data into impactful graphics made for wide audiences.

This brand new tool features an integrated collection of both exploratory and narrative interactive maps. Exploratory maps are platforms that allow users to view and explore housing data at the state, regional, and local levels to better understand their spatial relationships. Narrative maps guide the user through an immersive story that utilizes geographic data paired with text, photos, and videos to provide meaningful context.

Exploratory maps:


MAPMAKER is a digital mapping platform to explore, display, and publish a wide range of data relevant to housing affordability across Virginia. Users have access to data collected from a variety of sources, including the Census Bureau, HUD, and VHDA. Users can create accounts to save, manage, and share their searches. MAPMAKER was developed by students in the Computer Science Service Learning Practicum at the University of Virginia.

Housing Cost Burden in Virginia: 2000 to 2014

Use a  “time-slider” to explore the change in the share of households that pay 30% or more of their income on housing from 2000 to 2014. Data available at the Census tract level.

Senior Population in Virginia: 2000 to 2014

Use a  “time-slider” to explore the change in the share of Virginia’s population over the age of 65 from 2000 to 2014. Data available at the Census tract level.

Virginia Rural Housing Directory

A statewide map displaying the locations of hundreds of rural housing organizations and providers. Clicking on each point reveals detailed information about an organization, including a direct link to its website. Users can search and filter results, or find all providers within a certain radius of a specific location.

Narrative maps:

Virginia’s Poverty Landscape

What does poverty look like in Virginia, and where is it concentrated? Use this map to explore those questions. Part of the Deconcentrating Poverty Toolkit.

Affordable Housing Richmond: Past, Present, and Future

Housing Virginia participated in Richmond’s Affordable Housing Awareness Week in April 2017. To mark the occasion, we developed a special story map that explores affordable housing trends in the Richmond region.

Meeting Housing Needs in Rural Virginia (Coming soon!)

This story will feature a series of maps that provide a tour of housing issues in different rural regions across Virginia. Part of Housing Virginia’s Rural Housing Initiative.


We will be updating MAPBOOK periodically with new maps, so be sure to check back again!