Exploring Housing Affordability in Virginia with MAPBOOK

Housing Virginia’s web-based mapping tool, MAPBOOK, now features three mapping examples that help tell the story of housing affordability in Virginia. This tool aims to pair the data from our other tools and research with a visual element to highlight the meaning of the data and make it more accessible to the typical user.


The exploratory maps are platforms that allow users to view and explore housing data at the state, regional, and local levels and better understand their spatial relationships. These include:


  • Housing Cost Burden in Virginia: 2000-2014
  • Virginia Rural Housing Directory


The narrative map, which guides the user through an immersive story that utilizes geographic data paired with text, photos, and videos to provide meaningful context, was presented at the 2017 Affordable Housing Awareness Week in Richmond:


  • Affordable Housing Richmond: Past, Present, and Future


We will be updating MAPBOOK periodically with new maps, so be sure to check back again. Our next map will pair with our rural report on meeting housing needs in rural Virginia.