Housing Virginia’s RESEARCH: Get Results goes LIVE!

Does affordable housing have an impact on neighboring property values? Is decent housing connected to educational achievement in children? Where do people with housing choice vouchers live?


Housing Virginia’s RESEARCH: Get Results can help you answer these and many more questions about the impacts of affordable housing. This tool is an expanding and easy-to-navigate compendium of housing and housing-related research.  It can serve as an indispensable “go-to” resource for any housing professional working in the state.


Whether you need national housing research on affordability or a case study on local initiatives to end homelessness, Housing Virginia’s new database has something you are looking for. On Housing Virginia’s research page you’ll find a tag cloud that makes it easy to search by topic. These tags include not only the housing terms you might expect to see but tags for areas of housing linkages such as “Transportation”, “Health”,  “Children”, “Land Use”, and “Preservation.” You can also find data by using your own keyword search or by clicking  “National”, “Virginia”, and “Other States” to see research related to these geographies.  Please take a minute to visit Research: Get Results, explore it, and check back often as Housing Virginia is consistently adding new research as it becomes available.


For more information go to www.housingvirginia.org.