Microblog #114: COVID-19 Stakeholder Survey

HousingForward Virginia wants to know: how is the pandemic affecting your housing work?

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The outbreak has changed what normal looks like.

Pandemic fatigue is setting in. Most of us have sequestered in our homes for weeks now. We’re at home with parents, kids, and maybe sharing a home office with a partner for the first time. We’re physically disconnected from our colleagues and clients. And while we don’t lack for electronic ways to stay in touch, the subtle communication that comes from being physically present is gone—and that is disconcerting.

Many of you who deliver housing and services have cut back sharply and can no longer carry out your core mission. Others are overwhelmed with growing client needs from lost jobs, lost health, and lost housing.

But we’re at the end of the beginning, not the beginning of the end. At least a couple months of the same lie ahead. And after that, our lives—both personal and professional—will be different for quite a while.

How can we help your work continue?

At HousingForward Virginia, we’re also trying to understand how our unique organization can be helpful and relevant at times like these.

Along with our colleagues at the Virginia Housing Alliance, we are about to start an in-depth assessment of COVID-19’s impact on the sustainability of our nonprofit housing industry. When this is finally over, we want our industry to remain in place and strong. We’re hopeful our research will be a guide for funders who want the same. Stay tuned for additional details.

But, more than anything, we need your help and your ideas. Please take this very brief survey and let us know how we can best serve you and your organization through these difficult days. Please be safe.

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