Microblog #59: In rural Virginia, recession is still reality

Virginia’s Economic Recovery Has Been Strong in Metro Areas. It’s a Different Story for Their Rural Counterparts.

Since 1990, the urbanized areas of Virginia have added about 900,000 jobs. With those jobs have come people—in the form of more homes and, of course, more traffic. But what about Virginia’s rural communities?

New analysis of BLS numbers by The Commonwealth Institute show a stark contrast. Over that same time span, rural Virginia gained just 500 jobs. That’s a virtually insignificant uptick, especially when compared to the nearly 40% increase that metro regions experienced.

We know that jobs and housing are inextricably linked. This data helps demonstrate why improving the affordability and quality of housing in rural Virginia should also be an economic development strategy. Interested in that and other solutions? Check out our Rural Housing Initiative.

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