Research Tags: Health

Urban Blight and Public Health

This Urban Institute report synthesizes recent studies on the complexities of how blight affects the health of individuals and neighborhoods while offering a blend of policy and program recommendations to help guide communities in taking a more holistic and coordinated approach, such as expanding the use of health impact assessments, tracking health outcomes, and infusing public health into housing policies, codes and practices.

Boston Residential Investigation on Green and Healthy Transitions (BRIGHT) Study

For more than 15 years, Boston Housing Authority (BHA) has executed efforts to improve residents’ health through changes in environment and behavior. One of these initiatives was the Boston Residential Investigation on Green and Healthy Transitions (BRIGHT) study, a collaborative effort with the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health and the Committee for Boston Public Housing to measure the impact of healthy housing features and practices on resident health, satisfaction, and comfort. The study compared the health of residents living in the old housing with residents’ health in new units with healthy housing features and practices. The redeveloped housing included smoke-free housing policies, improved ventilation, and tight building envelopes.

Paycheck to Paycheck: More than Housing

This research note expands on the Paycheck to Paycheck 2016 analysis and explores the context in which these salaries are being earned by examining household spending on a variety of items. Households must balance their spending on housing with their spending on other key household needs, such as transportation and healthcare. The lowest income households face the greatest challenges in balancing these competing needs.

Investing in Affordable Housing to Promote Community Health

This NHC profile assesses a Medicaid managed care organization’s $20 million investment in an affordable housing development in Phoenix, Arizona to tackle the severe affordable housing needs of their low-income members and the community.

Housing as Health Care: A Road Map for States

Developed by the NGA Center through extensive consultation with senior state officials and other national experts, the road map provides a step-by-step guide for both the immediate need to support those state planning efforts and broad use by all governors interested in the promise of housing as an essential element of improved health and reduced utilization of costly health care services.

Social Determinants of Health for Rural People

This topic guide, managed by the Rural Health Information Hub, focuses on the health inequities that rural residents experience, and how income-level, educational attainment, race/ethnicity, housing quality and other factors impact health.