Research Tags: Homeownership

How Federal Dollars are Spent: The Case for New Priorities

This Terwilliger Foundation report reveals the striking imbalance of current federal housing assistance, where most of the benefits accrue to higher income households. It notes that the median income of homeowner households ($68,797) is more than double the median income of renter households ($33,784), but renters receive none of benefits of mortgage-related tax expenditures and most of these expenditures go to higher income homeowners.

Waiting for Homeownership: Assessing the Future of Homeownership, 2015-2035

This Harvard JCHS report analyzes the Annual Social and Economic Supplement (ASEC) of the Current Population Survey for 1985-2015 to examine the determinants of changes in the homeownership rate, using shift-share analyses to measure the extent to which changing demographics explain the observed changes.

State of the Nation’s Housing 2016

The State of the Nation’s Housing, released annually by the Joint Center for Housing Studies, provides a periodic assessment of the nation’s housing outlook and summarizes important trends in the economics and demographics of housing.

Permanent Supportive Housing Impact Analysis

This 2013 report explores the neighborhood impact of five supportive housing residences in Columbus, Ohio. In doing so, it offers a compelling argument to counter the frequent not-in-my-back-yard (NIMBY) fears sometimes associated with supportive housing.

Headship And Homeownership: What Does The Future Hold?

This Urban Institute longitudinal study of household formation and home ownership rates from 2010 to 2030 reveals that new renters will outpace new homeowners in the coming decades and, that, while there will still be more owners than renters, the homeownership rate will continue to decline.