Research Tags: Housing Market

Understanding the Small and Medium Multifamily Housing Stock

This Enterprise report finds that small and medium multifamily housing -- properties with between two and 49 units -- provides 54 percent of the U.S.’s rental housing stock, which means that its preservation and expansion is a critical part of ending housing insecurity.

Waiting for Homeownership: Assessing the Future of Homeownership, 2015-2035

This Harvard JCHS report analyzes the Annual Social and Economic Supplement (ASEC) of the Current Population Survey for 1985-2015 to examine the determinants of changes in the homeownership rate, using shift-share analyses to measure the extent to which changing demographics explain the observed changes.

Mortgage Lending and Non-Borrower Household Income

Recent literature on doubled-up families in the US has focused on households that take in and provide support for adult children or economically displaced relatives. From recent American Community Survey (ACS) data, however, Fannie Mae finds that in a growing number of households, a substantial proportion of total income comes from additional adults other than the homeowner / head of household or their spouse.

State of the Nation’s Housing 2016

The State of the Nation’s Housing, released annually by the Joint Center for Housing Studies, provides a periodic assessment of the nation’s housing outlook and summarizes important trends in the economics and demographics of housing.

Bending the Cost Curve: Solutions to Expand the Supply of Affordable Rentals

This Enterprise and ULI 2014 report provides a comprehensive examination of the drivers of cost and how they vary by market. In addition, this report offers a detailed set of recommended actions to bend the cost curve with the goal of moving toward a more efficient and lower-cost affordable rental housing delivery system.