Research Tags: Housing Policy

How Federal Dollars are Spent: The Case for New Priorities

This Terwilliger Foundation report reveals the striking imbalance of current federal housing assistance, where most of the benefits accrue to higher income households. It notes that the median income of homeowner households ($68,797) is more than double the median income of renter households ($33,784), but renters receive none of benefits of mortgage-related tax expenditures and most of these expenditures go to higher income homeowners.

Urban Blight and Public Health

This Urban Institute report synthesizes recent studies on the complexities of how blight affects the health of individuals and neighborhoods while offering a blend of policy and program recommendations to help guide communities in taking a more holistic and coordinated approach, such as expanding the use of health impact assessments, tracking health outcomes, and infusing public health into housing policies, codes and practices.

The Effects of the Low-Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC)

As federal tax reform looms, there is growing uncertainty surrounding the future of LIHTC. In contemplation of debate about these possible changes, this NYU Furman Center brief explores what we know about who LIHTC serves and what research has shown about the impact of the program.

A Place to Call Home

The Case for Increased Federal Investments in Affordable Housing - a report by the Campaign for Housing and Community Development Funding.

Preserving Neighborhood Opportunity Where Federal Housing Subsidies Expire

A study published in Housing Policy Debate by Michael Lens and Vincent Reina found that project-based Section 8 properties with rent restrictions expiring between 2011 and 2020 are on average in higher opportunity neighborhoods than properties supported by the Low Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC), vouchers, and public housing.

White House Housing Development Toolkit 2016

The White House released a Housing Development Toolkit outlining a host of policy changes and other regulatory fixes it says will reverse decline and encourage developers to set aside more of their projects for affordable housing.

Opportunities for Promoting Credit for Affordable Housing in Rural America

This Center for American Progress issue brief provides an analysis of the areas of opportunity for improving access to credit in rural communities gleaned from discussions in a roundtable convened by the White House Rural Council and the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Rural Housing Service.