Research Tags: Supportive Housing

Intersections Between Child Welfare & Homeless Systems

This PowerPoint presentation summarizes findings from two scholarly studies on child welfare and homelessness in New York City. The two studies were published in 2004 and 2005 by Children & Youth Services Review and Social Service Review, respectively.

Keeping Families Together

This report offers an evaluation of Keeping Families Together (KFT), a pilot initiative from the Corporation of Supportive Housing (CSH). KFT tests the impact of permanent supportive housing for families with previous involvement with homelessness and the child welfare system.

The Role of Supportive Housing in Homeless Children’s Well-Being

This report from the University of Minnesota's Center for Advanced Studies on Child Welfare looks at the educational outcomes of children in family supportive housing. The study compares the academic performance of 70 students in supportive housing versus 342 homeless students.

Homelessness and Its Effects on Children

This report from the Family Housing Fund catalogs the myriad impacts homelessness has on children. The author focuses first on how homelessness affects different age groups: prenatal, infants, toddlers, preschoolers and school-aged children.

More Than A Roof Over Their Heads

This toolkit offers suggestions on how to help transition-age young adults enter permanent housing. It outlines concrete ways in which organizations can better engage youths (age 18-25) aging out of the foster care system.

Hospital Costs Associated with Homelessness in New York City

This 1998 article explores whether homeless individuals have higher medical costs than low-income individuals in housing. To answer this question, the researchers compare thousands of medical records for homeless and low-income individuals in New York City.

Supportive Housing and the Public Health Crisis of Homelessness

This study, fully titled "Supportive Housing and Its Impact on the Public Health Crisis of Homelessness," evaluates the Corporation for Supportive Housing’s Health, Housing Integrated Services Network" (HHISN). Researchers tracked the public service use of 253 chronically homeless HHISN participants.

Direct Access to Housing

This summary report assesses the San Francisco Department of Public Health’s Direct Access to Housing (DAH) program. At the time of the report’s publication in 2004, DAH operated seven residences that specifically targeted high users of public services.

The Health of Homeless Adults in New York City

This report from two city government agencies offers an overview of homelessness and health in New York City. The researchers analyze available data on the 55,914 single adults who used the city’s public shelter system from 2001 through 2003.