Tools & Resources

Getting the facts straight – current and truthful, telling the story – this is the challenge for housing messaging efforts.

Much can be learned from examining the stories of others – how they are both addressing housing issues and how they are communicating their success.

Understanding how data can inform and educate policy makers is an opportunity to bring credibility, focus and relevance of addressing affordable housing issues in the broader community context.

Housing Virginia offers tools for every one of these needs – search the menu below to find one that works best for you, or contact us if you can’t find what you’re looking for.


Housing Virginia offers this website as a comprehensive housing affordability resource that includes the most current available information on housing affordability. The measures highlighted here provide a benchmark of general affordability over time and illustrate in a straightforward manner the complexities of affordability.


Housing Virginia offers PLAYBOOK as a resource for policy makers, housing advocates, and others interested in affordable housing. PLAYBOOK is a comprehensive inventory of affordable housing policies and programs within Virginia. PLAYBOOK provides the name and description the affordable housing policy or program and, optionally, additional details about the policy or program including local contact.


MAPBOOK utilizes web-based mapping and data visualization platforms to illustrate the geography of affordable housing issues in Virginia, to connect housing with other critical policy areas, and to translate complex data into impactful graphics made for wide audiences.


Housing Virginia’s Research section is sorted by topic and geographic focus. All our resources can be sorted by geographic category: National, Virginia, and Other States. Our resources span some of the best and most widely cited housing and related research that is publicly available online. Our database is always growing as recent studies and reports are added, so please check back often.


These easy-to-understand fact sheets illustrate some of the best practices in affordable housing. The fact sheets are listed by name of the featured organization, and they are also grouped into 5 major categories.


The tools for overcoming NIMBYism (Not In My Back Yard) include transparent communication, dispelling myths with facts, and finding community supporters who understand the benefits that quality housing can bring to their neighborhood. This portal gathers all of Housing Virginia’s Overcoming NIMBYism programs and materials for easy access.


In Housing 2020, we look at the future of housing in Virginia through four lenses – Demographics, Economics, Finance and the Greening of our Housing Stock. In each of these areas we worked with an expert to identify and communicate what these changes are and what we need to understand about these trends. The clips have been edited into a variety of different formats and presentations.


Here you can find a collection of short vignettes from affordable housing providers, clients, and advocates about how affordable housing positively impacted their communities.


This toolkit can be looked at as “Affordable Housing 101” – we provide breakdowns of the types of affordable housing, a glossary of common industry terms, a guide to creating affordable housing, and a guide to building an awareness campaign.


Housing Virginia has launched a series of research briefs on our topical policy projects. We are continually adding more to our library, so check back regularly for more easy-to-understand briefs.