What We Do

Housing Virginia provides a variety of services and tools that local and regional organizations may access. These tools are designed to help you make affordable housing more accessible to citizens in your area. Call or e-mail for more information.

2018 Impact Report

Organizational Development

Speak with single voice and purpose. Bring diverse organizations together and combine your energies. Develop effective planning strategies and achieve buy-in of your partners. Housing Virginia will help you to develop your coalition, plan meetings and organize for change.

Issue Clarification

Bring the focus to your region or community issue. What are the unique issues in your community that will galvanize support? Create a compelling message that brings people together rather than driving them apart. Help decision makers understand why affordable housing matters through effective campaign development.

Housing Facts

Make your message credible and impressive. Show policy makers that you have done the homework and understand the issues. Get the facts about housing trends and needs at the local, regional and statewide levels.

Tools & Resources

Practical Templates

Don’t recreate the wheel. Our Toolkit offers templates and “how to” guides for defining the issues, researching best practices, creating messages, finding allies, and conducting an effective campaign to influence policy makers and other leaders on affordable housing in your community.

Housing Virginia Toolkit

Colleague Connections

Learn from your peers who are affecting perceptions and making positive change in their communities. Housing Virginia is partnering with existing local and regional groups in their messaging and advocacy efforts. We can connect you to this network.

Regional Partners

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